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Girls Who Code (GWC)

The Rio Rancho Public Schools is continuing its partnership with Girls Who Code to provide free computer science resources to our community! Girls Who Code is an international non-profit working to close the gender gap in technology. GWC has reached over half a million students to date.

Learn more: Girls Who Code Flyer

Compensation & Expectations Of A GWC Sponsor

  • GWC Sponsors will be paid to establish and run the club. Certified Teachers will be paid the $600 annual club stipend. Educational Assistants will be paid their hourly rate for their time (including prep time) through the completion of a monthly time sheet.

  • GWC Sponsors are expected to hold at least ten (10) GWC learning sessions with students over the course of the school year.

  • Document and submit at the end of the year:

    • GWC meeting dates, times, student attendees, & activities for the sessions.

 Sign up to Start or Renew a GWC Club for 3-5th or 6-12th graders at the link below:

GWC Club Application: Start a "New" club or "Renew" your club and access curriculum & resources on the Girls Who Code HQ platform.

Use code CPNM15229 to list RRPS as your Community Partner on the application for exclusive benefits like extra support, swag, and more!

  • You’ll get access to everything you need -- including training, comprehensive resources, and 120+ hours of easy-to-use and flexible coding curriculum. 

  • Clubs feature coding tutorials for all skill levels, inspiring women in tech, community-building activities to increase confidence, and project-based learning related to activism. 

  • Plus -- all genders are welcome in this girls-supportive environment. 

  • RRPS CTE will pay the GWC teacher/facilitator a stipend for leading the club and delivering the curriculum.

What would a GWC Club look like:

  • A typical Club generally meets after school for 1-2 hours for 10-15+ sessions during the year. You will have the flexibility to customize a schedule that works for you—whether you’re meeting virtually or in person.

  • There are Clubs as small as 3 members, up to as large as 30+!

  • Space to host the Club at your school. Or, it can be held virtually.

  • Access to computers, Chromebooks, or iPads with internet access.

Suggested Steps To Get Started:

  1. Speak to an administrator at your school to express your interest in teaching/facilitating the program.

  2. Complete the GWC Club Application. Use code CPNM15229 to list RRPS as your Community Partner.

  3. Determine a place to meet. It could be your classroom. Students can use Chromebooks to access curriculum & activities.

  4. Determine a schedule that includes at least 10 sessions for the year. It could be weekly, every two weeks, every three weeks, etc. It should be consistent yet manageable.

  5. The curriculum is geared for 3rd-5th graders or 6th-12th graders. Think about the maximum number of students you want to have in the program at each meeting.

  6. Get the word out via announcements, classroom pop-ins, posters, etc.

  7. Create an interest sign-up process such as a google form or paper form where you can start collecting student names.

  8. After developing your student list, communicate details to parents.

  9. Consider setting up a google classroom or website where you can relay information to students and parents on an ongoing basis.

  10. Take pictures to document the experience. (Make sure students "Can Be Photographed" of course.)