School schedule change

Every year, the New Mexico Public Education Department requires all districts to take a count of bus riders at specified intervals (80th and 120th day) in order for the state to allocate funding based on district needs and student use of our transportation services. What we have found is that bus rider counts typically fall on Wednesdays every year. Consequently, due to the early release schedule and not having Shining Stars Preschool students in attendance, we lose a significant number of bus riders in our count which negatively impacts our transportation funding. 

The next bus rider count is Wednesday, February 9. To accurately account for transportation numbers on a typical instructional day, Rio Rancho Public Schools will be making a schedule change for the week of February 7 for all students in grades Pre-K through 12 in our district. The schedule for the week of February 7, 2022 will be as follows:

  • Monday, Feb. 7: Regular school schedule

  • Tuesday, Feb. 8: Regular school schedule

  • Wednesday, Feb. 9: Same schedule as Tuesday; No early dismissal (Classes will be in session for Shining Stars Preschool)

  • Thursday, Feb. 10: Regular school schedule

  • Friday, Feb. 11: Early dismissal Wednesday schedule (No classes for Pre-K)

While we understand that this schedule change might present a challenge for some families, we feel it is ultimately necessary to ensure we secure an accurate count of bus riders so we may receive proper transportation funding. We appreciate your patience and continued partnership as we make this temporary schedule change.